The rise..rise & rise of Hardik Patel, for now

Hardik Patel came to the limelight while championing the cause for the inclusion of the Patidars in the OBC category to qualify them for reservations in education and government jobs. Using social media to spread his message and gather supporters, Patel addressed his first rally in Visanagar Gujarat on 6 July 2015. Since then, he organized several rallies across Gujarat, drawing millions of people through his oratory skills.

The 22 year old young campaigner is trying to scale up his agitation at the national level by demanding reservation for an umbrella of communities, the likes of Gujjars, Jats, Kurmis etc. Hardik, a B.Com graduate appears to have touched the raw nerve of the country where as caste-based reservations drowned merit and richly rewarded mediocrity. Yet, Hardik’s meteoric rise has baffled everyone, especially the political establishment.

In this context we analyze the horoscope of Hardik Patel. He has Leo Lagna with Mars placed in it & aspected by Saturn from 7th house which is considered as the house of public image & with Saturn (the planet denoting the masses) gives him leadership qualities.

Strong Mars does make him forceful and aggressive. He has few Rajyogas in his horoscope. The 10th lord Venus placed in the 10th house of profession in its own sign receiving the aspect of 5th lord Jupiter is a powerful yoga. The yogkarak planet Mars placed in lagna also makes strong Raj yoga for Hardik. Malefic Saturn is placed in his lagna in navamsha chart sandwiched between two malefic Rahu & Mars . This makes him a selfish and an arrogant leader who will not hesitate to provoke his supporters to resort to any means to achieve the objective. At present he is running the mahadasha of Ketu which started in May 2015 and will last till 2022. During this long period there is a Sub period of Venus until December 2016. Both Ketu & Venus are placed in his 10th house of profession.

The Ketu is a planet of secrecy & in his horoscope placed in 8th house in navamsha chart shows a hidden agenda too. The Venus placed in 10th house will give him great exposure & he will take this movement of Patel reservation at the national level. The transiting Jupiter in his lagna is giving strength to Hardik’s Natal Saturn proving to be fruitful and supportive for his efforts in pushing the Anamat Aandolan. But this will go only to a limited extent. He will form a party of his own or a political outfit in the year 2016 which will get indulged in fierce activities in the name of social justice. There are chances of Hardik gaining a big name in mainstream politics.

The upcoming transit of Rahu-Ketu (from January 2016) On his lagna axis will make him indulge in more political activities and he will become a big headache for the BJP governments at the centre and the states. His agitation for quota for upper castes will take aggressive turn in 2016. After his ketu dasha ends in the year 2022 and Venus period starts, he will grow mature and will play a long innings in Indian politics.
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