The hidden truth of Fashion, Fiction and Fu*k

Fashion and Fiction
“Small town designers are new achievers of Fashion Industry.”
“Small town India is the latest frontier for Indian designers.”
“Fashion is Career crystal”
“ Small town India is no longer small in its buying capacity and they are providing a growing market for many fashion designers especially upcoming designers.”
“From a small town to the biggest fashion events of the country, young designer Mr. A. charmed the event.”etc………..
Read it at your own risk
Well it sounds good but the fact is far away from this nightmare. A Person who makes you special and polish your persona is the fashion Designer but it is very unfortunate to see the hidden glittering reality of fashion industry .The reality is nothing but disappointment and dilemma. For the reality check I talked to some qualified small town designers, here my experience was bitter but breaking… “ If you have to survive in fashion industry then believe in NIHILISM, no place for ethics, values, selfrespect and talent also, if you have talent it does not mean you will be successful, for success you have to be ready for compromise, means to give your a**hole….here everything happens sexual and homosexual demannds are not shocking at all….even I was told to supply a hot chick....then comes high contacts….I am from a very small town I do not have any God Father ….only We can make F**king fellow for that I m not ready for.but I am not finished I will make my way with my strngth.”Ronit said(Name Changed).
I was thinkling, was it enough from the hell or story is still untold .
Now you will think what is new in it? New is the dangerous glamour, it gives dreams and desires to be a Fashion designer.a nlarge number of Small town boys are crazy for being a fashion designer. They are not aware from the fact.
“I am from Gaya(Bihar)…we have to start our struggle from our family then neighbour then society… have to proove your points…like why fashion industry…you will have money…..and your dreams……My father supported me and I am here…I am still new in fashion indutry I also have problems but I worked hard I am here…this is a fact that it is tuff to be stablished in fashion industry specially for small towners .But I am not a passimist so I believe if you have that passion nothing will stop you and so look…I am doing well and people knows me by my work not from where I am….” Praveen said
Vishakh Varun(a model cordinator and designer) from jharkhand believes in the same way. “there are problems for small towners, It is very difficult but I made it and I don’t have any high contacts:”
Now the picture is clear for upcoming fashion designers, but One thing I really do not understand “small towners buying capacity myth” you are talking about which small town where people wears branded clothes.if the half of of indian population earns less than hundred rupees daily, how can they afford branded clothes.Iam talking about the whole Indian small towns except 10 major cities people don’t know what is a Brand?They know only how to feed their families.
So small towners are welcome in fashion industry and be ready to face the challenges and I wish to God, one day small towners will buy designer clothes.
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